Sinny (Sydney)

Sinny (Sydney)

Sinny is Strine for Sydney (Sinny is the Australian pronounciation of Sydney), capital of the state of New South Wales, and the site of the first British colony in Australia. Today it’s a bustling, international city of money, skyscrapers, and tourists and home to a couple of the most iconic landmarks in engineering and architecture – the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Sydney Opera House.

After almost a week in Narara we due to fly out of Sydney and head to Adelaide. We arrive in Sydney by train from Gosford in the afternoon and take into a hotel in the Central Business District close to the Queen Victoria Building. After reading some good reviews we head to a small wine bar/restaurant among the trendy terrace houses in Surry Hills and enjoy a great dinner at a table on the footpath in the warm evening.

Our flight is not until 7:15 pm the following day. We spend the day walking around the Opera House, taking a ferry to Darling Harbour, and exploring the city on foot stopping off for lunch, drinks, and icecream. Getting around Sydney on public transport is a breeze. You use your credit card to tap on and off every trip. No need to buy tickets or download apps.

Sydney is best around the harbour. The views are fantastic, and the sea breeze coming in from the ocean is soothing.

Sydney day 1.

Sydney day 2:

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