Morning in Narara

Morning in Narara

It’s early morning in the Narara Eco Village and we’ve just had breakfast listening to the chiming Bell Birds, the warbling Magpies, and all the other strange and amazing sounds of the Australian bush. This is our third morning and we’re slowly getting over the jetlag and becoming human again. It’s a long way to travel, physically and mentally. Almost as far from home as you can get. Still, it’s even more amazing that you can do it in just over a day.

It’s still summer here. The weather in these parts can change quickly from searing heat to torrential rain and thunderstorms. It was 37°C the day after we arrived and we went to the beach for a swim. My brother Peter took us to a quiet cove, sheltered from the surf. Turned out to be a dog beach, which we didn’t mind at all. We had a great lunch at a beachside bar not far from there. Our tired and bleary eyes took in the fantastic coastal landscape as we drove through the towns populated by retirees from Sydney.

It was over 30° as we barbecued some lamb for dinner on the verandah of the tiny house we have rented on the edge of the eco village. We tried to stay awake as long as possible to get into the new timezone but were fast asleep by 9 pm.

The next day the temperature had droped to just above 20° and the air was soaked with a misty rain. For a frozen Swede coming out of winter it was still pleasant enough for breakfast on the verandah.

We decided to take a drive further up the coast to The Entrance, a holiday resort township at the mouth of an inlet into the larger of the may bays in the area. It was not the perfect day for it but we stopped off at a lookout over the Pacific Ocean. Walked a small trail through a forest of Spotted Gum Trees and a place where Banksias grew in abundance (the orange Banksia in the photo below decorating the table at the house turns out to ba a plastic fake).

At The Entrance we had a big serving of fish and chips at a local fish shop before taking walk to look at the pelicans and many other seabirds fishing in the waters of the inlet.

Last stop on our little roadtrip was the Norah Lighthouse. The rain had stopped but it was extremely windy with the surf crashing into the cliffs. The lighthouse has accomodation and is a popular place for weddings. There was one being set up on the lawn in the howling wind as we walked past.

By 4 pm the jetlag has caught up again but we tried to fight it and stay up as late as we could. We held out until 9:30.

Pictures from Friday 23rd of February

Pictures from Saturday 24th of February

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