A weekend in Greensboro
Sunset heading east on the I-40

A weekend in Greensboro

My second weekend in the United States of America this time around was spent locally around Greensboro. Saturday I lunched downtown with a friend and colleague from work, watched a 2 mile long freight train cross Elm Street, walked in a park full of weddings, and drove into an amazing sunset on the Interstate 40 heading back to my hotel.

I also took photos with my iPhone and discovered that it is actually a better camera than I had previously given it credit for.

Saturday night the rain came down hard. I even got a text message flood warning on my phone. Sunday morning the sky was dull and grey. I decided to head north to a lake I had been told about. It was difficult to get to the shore and when I did the water was covered with a rolling mist. Back to Elm Street in the Green Bean Café for a latte and a generous serving of banana and walnut cake before retiring to the hotel.

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