Last days of 2021

Last days of 2021

Another year with Covid draws to a close. After a quiet Christmas in town with the family, Anna, Cooper and I headed to the summer house on Orust for some peace and quiet, and to celebrate New Years Eve free from crackers and fireworks for Cooper’s sake.

Snow, sub-zero temperatures, and no wind made for some magnificent winter scenery. And there is nothing like a cold, dark winter night in a cabin among the trees with a fire crackling in the stove.

Mathilda and Siri, the dachshund, came out and stayed a couple of days. We took walk down to our summer swimming beach late in the afternoon and drank some “glögg”. It was perfectly still and the water was like a pool of mercury, not a ripple, only the odd ice flow and a few water birds.

Last night the temperature rose and it started raining. By this afternoon the snow has turned to slush and started disappearing. It was nice while it lasted.

There isn’t a lot more to tell. Enjoy the pictures. Would love to hear your comments on them.

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