End of October 2020

End of October 2020

The Corona virus continues to wreak havoc and more countries are going into lock-down. Even here in Sweden the recommendations on restrictions to our social lives is getting stricter. Here there are no curfews, no police patrolling the streets and making sure people stay in their homes. It’s all voluntary. I hope it’s right.

In just a few days America will chose who to lead the their country for the next 4 years. We may not now for sometime if Trump will continue to deny science and lead us to climate oblivion.

A weekend at the cottage on Orust is the perfect panacea for existential anxiety, at least for a couple of days. On Saturday the sun came out and lit up the remaining leaves on trees preparing for winter. We took a walk with Cooper into the woods and up on a cliff that was probably a stone-age fortress some thousands of years ago. We were hoping to find some late autumn cantarelles in the under growth but they eluded us.

The sun is already low even at midday and the light is magic as I send up the drone to capture some vistas of the landscape around us. It gets dark quickly, we light a fire and enjoy a stew that’s been cooking since the morning and some red wine. Out here and inside our little cottage the problems of the world are a long way away, at least for the moment.

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