Dog weather

Dog weather

To be honest I am actually writing this long after the fact. This was a few weeks back, a Sunday in mid January, the 12th to be exact. Had some issues with my image uploading plug-in to Lightroom which is the reason I didn’t post this earlier.

The weather was not the best. Windy and rainy but patches of blue sky and longer breaks in the precipitation. Called Ove and Marie to see if they wanted to brave the Hönö coast with their brown labradors, Harry and Westley. They jumped at the idea so we caught the ferry across and wandered out to the cliffs through puddles of mud. At first Cooper carefully avoided the worst mud holes but after a while he discovered what the labs already new, that it was a lot of fun to race through at full galopp.

It was a great afternoon. You could tell by just looking at how Cooper changed from speckled grey and white to an even warm grey. Straight into the shower when we got home.

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