Australia day 11

Australia day 11

Day 10 was Christmas Eve, our day of Christmas celebration with julbord and snaps. A bit strange when it’s 34°C in the shade outside. Before the julbord we drove to the beach and had a swim. Didn’t take any pictures on Christmas Eve that I want to share so we jump straight to day 11.

Christmas Day was even warmer than Christmas Eve. Coffee and croissants with Christmas ham and cheese for breakfast before heading to Brighton Beach for another swim. The sand was hot but the water was cool. Didn’t stay too long as the UV radiation is merciless down here.

Back at Cathy’s house we feasted on a traditional English stuffed turkey lunch after which some of us needed a nap.

Decided to go back down to the beach to watch the sun set. Went to Glenelg this time. Glenelg was packed with tourists from all over the world enjoying the setting sun and party mood on the Glenelg jetty. We celebrated the warm evening with a gelato ice cream before heading home again.

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