Last day of summer time

Last day of summer time

It’s cold now, and wet, and windy. Today is the last day of summer time. Tomorrow we get to sleep an hour longer. Means it will start being dark when we leave from work in the afternoons. For awhile it will be lighter in the mornings but soon that will get dark as well. The Swedish melancholy.

Nature puts on a pretty magnificent show before succumbing to the bleakness of winter. The colors are amazing. Even when the sky is steely grey the trees are on fire.

Took Cooper for a wander along the river to Eriksberg for a latté and a cake at Baka by the dock and brought the camera. Snapped some views along the way.

Cooper likes the view from the apartment. This morning he was watching some crows making a meal of some crayfish remains they had scattered on the pavement. He just stands there and looks. Wonder what goes through his little head…

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