Greensboro January 23, 2016

Greensboro January 23, 2016

“Snowzilla”, the monster snow storm, passed over Greensboro yesterday on its way north east to Washington and New York. It snowed heavily for a while before turning to ice rain, something I have never encountered before. Icy, sleety roads and summer tires made for chaos in the traffic. In the end it was not so much snow, compared to what was coming down further north, but the traffic conditions made the authorities declare a state of emergency.

Today I took a drive into downtown Greensboro to visit my favourite book store. The main roads were cleared but smaller side roads were still snowed under. Hardly any cars other than snow clearing vehicles. After the book store I took a walk down Elm Street and took some pictures. It was quite desolate, hardly any people about.

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  1. I like your “post” description of your day it under pins your photos well – interesting choice of subject material. Without any people about and the aged buildings and infrastructure the town looks deserted and in a state of decay – except maybe for the hopeful shop keeps who put out tables and chairs on the footpath and of course the offer of adventure if you took up the invitation from Herman & Barbara to follow the Yellow Brick Road

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