Back in the land of long shadows

Back in the land of long shadows

Hard to believe it is only a week since we got back from summer, sun and carefree days at the beach. Days with friends and family on the other side of the planet. Back in Göteborg again the cold and the dark has been quite overwhelming.

On Friday after work we hopped in the car and headed to the summer house on Orust. A warm fire, some west coast shrimps and a good bottle of wine was a perfect end to our first week at work and back in the northern hemisphere.

Slept until the sun was up. Turned out to be a lovely cold but clear Saturday so we took a a walk down to the water where we swim in the summer. It was below freezing and a white, powdery frost covered the ground. The low sun casts long shadows and the frost dampens colour and details. The effect is a stark contrast to the saturated colors and strong contrasts we experienced Down Under. Quite beautiful in it’s particular way. Our walk made me feel much better about being back here again.

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