At least it’s spring

At least it’s spring

The pandemic continues. It’s anybody’s guess where it will end. They say it is just the beginning, the worst is yet to come. It’s on the news every hour, it’s the topic of conversation, there is nothing else right now.

Even so, it’s spring. The sun is shining from a clear blue sky, the wind has dropped, and the first birds are chirping frantically to find a partner. It’s spring! At last, it’s spring.

We decided to take our social distancing to the summer house for the weekend. It’s Friday, Volvo is closed and I am laid off. Anna is working from home today, and Cooper took the day off from hunddagis.

Up at 7 am to a beautiful misty morning. Sent the drone up to take some early morning shots across Orust. Same views that you have seen before, different light.

Just like Diesel and Roxy, Cooper loves it out here. Lots of room to play, new sounds to listen to, and new scents to explore.

Anders Tegnell says the curve could be flattening, not so many new cases in Sweden today. I’ve washed my hands so much I’ve developed a rash. Spring is here, the world moves on, but everything is different.

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