Goodbye 2020

Goodbye 2020

We got through 2020 and fared OK. No Corona or other serious ailments, touch wood. Spent New Years Eve on Orust in the summer house with a warm fire and a safe social distance to other people.

Not much to do here this time of the year except sleep late, eat a lot, and take long walks with Cooper. The weather has been awful. Overcast, cold (but not freezing) and wet.

The lack of daylight is depressing. We sleep until nine because there is nothing to wake you up here. At half past three in the afternoon it’s twilight, making for long evenings.

We walked 7,5 kms along the Gunneröd road and up into the forest, past a cottage in a late stage of decay. The ground is oversaturated and soggy. Trees and rocks are covered with thick, green moss, and it’s hard work walking in the forest. Cooper loves it. If we walked 7,5 kms he did at least 75. He looks like he’s been dipped in mud.

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