February twenty twentythree

February twenty twentythree

Strange month February. The light starts returning, you notice it first in the mornings when the glow starts creeping in from the east. It’s cold and it’s still winter and, it snows. If we’re lucky it will lay around for a few days before turning to slush.

We had a couple of nice weekends on Orust with snow and sunshine, making for some great walks around the local tracks or down to the water, where we swim in the summer.

Otherwise it’s eat, sleep, walk the dog, and work, and then eat and sleep again. Same routine every day.
First three pics are from the Volvo Museum. The most exciting event this month was the opening there of a new exhibition with an inauguration evening and a gathering of a rather elderly crowd of super enthusiasts. Some good stories were told…

Lots of opportunities to observe Karlatornet from different angles and light conditions. It tends to dominate most of Göteborg through its sheer size and is hard to ignore. Been experimenting with black and white. Contrasty and graphic.

Went to London to see a cool immersive exhibition. Flew out in the morning and back in the evening. Airport, trains and subways and not much of London. Good exhibition though.

Lots of photos in no particular order. Enjoy.

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