Summer road trip day 4

Summer road trip day 4

There is nothing quite like waking up and going out in the fresh, cool mountain air of northern Sweden in summer. The sun dipped down below the horizon for a short while around midnight but it never really got dark. To sleep you need to draw the curtains tight and bury your head in the pillow.

After breakfast we pack fika, take the dogs and head to Laisaliden near Hemavan and trek up Drottningleden and up the mountain. It’s a nice day, not too warm, and the walking is good. We find a place to have our coffee, some dried meat and a cake, and enjoy the magnificent views.

In the evening after dinner we go down to the edge of Lake Gautan and watch the setting sun light up Ryfjället which is capped with a cloud. With the help of the drone we capture some magnificent scenes across the lake and forest covered foothills as well as some shots back across Marita and Mattias’s cottage, and of the bare ski slopes in Tärnaby.

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