Summer begins

Summer begins

Summer took its time this year. Then, suddenly, there it was. Weeks of glorious sunshine, warm evenings, and no rain. Now the “no rain” part is beginning to be a bit of a problem. It’s dry, the blueberries are dying of thirst, and fire bans are in force all over the country.

We’re still a month shy of the vacation. They chose this time to service the ventilation at work so it’s been pretty unpleasant in the office. The apartment gets the full brunt of the afternoon sun and the parasoll we ordered to give us some shade took its time before it got here. Not complaining, mind you. Rather this than 18 hours of darkness a day and a brutal cold that gets right in to your marrow. No, give me summer anytime (but in moderation; “lagom”)

Spending the weekends at the summer house. Pretty warm there too. The water temperature is already over 20 degrees. A bit early maybe, but it’s scared off the stinging red jellyfish that usually plague early summer. Cooper swam so much his tail drooped.

They say it’s going to be a hot, dry summer thanks to El Niño, a consequence of mot heeding the warnings to stop burning fossil fuels.

In our little world the bees are still pollinating, the birds are still building nests, and life is deceptively normal. Enjoy the photos…

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