Pilane sculpture park

Pilane sculpture park

Well into the second half of the vacation we decided to visit Pilane sculpture park on the island of Tjörn, just south of our island of Orust. Find details about Pilane here.

We started early and were at the park just after 10 am. It was a perfect day for a visit; sunny and not too warm. Quite a few people had the same idea and by lunch time there were a lot of people wandering the park.

Pilane is a an old grave yard dating back to the Bronze Age. Weird and wonderful sculptures are scattered through out the park. The landscape and the views over the Bohuslän coast makes it magic.

The most amazing sculpture is called Anna by Jaume Plensa. Anna is a gigantic woman’s head sitting high on the granite rock. She is visible from almost every point of the park. Her eyes are closed and she looks like she is meditating and has an air of serenity about her.

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