Allahelgonahelgen (All Saints), the first weekend of November, a time to visit graves, light candles and remember those who are no longer with us. It nearly coincides with Halloween, a commercial gimmick imported from across the Atlantic Ocean to sell more stuff (we did do the pumpkin thing though).

Made a long weekend of it and drove out to the summer house after work on Thursday. A fire, some wine and a good movie, what more can you ask for? It’s dark and it’s quiet and you sleep like a baby out here.

The weather is wet. Intermittent showers. A little less in the afternoons. We walk along the backroads and in through the forest. Cooper runs. Loves it. The light is eerie. Every now and then the sun breaks through the thick grey clouds and the rain drops in the trees sparkle.

Stop and photograph the old tractor and the lone caravan under the oak trees like I’ve done a hundred times before. I can’t pass without taking a photo, even if I have hundreds of pictures already.

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