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Australia day 6

When we woke up this morning the fog had cleared and it was beautiful and sunny. Breakfast on the porch of our Airbnb listening to the cockatoos screeching, the magpies warbling and a whole bunch […]


Australia day 5

348 years after Captain Cook stepped on to Botany Bay it was our turn to meander around Australias largest city. Packed up our stuff from the Airbnb in Chippendale and parked the Kia van in […]


Passer Domesticus

Warm summer evenings means barbecue and dinner on the terrace. With no dog to clean up crumps and food scraps its up to the sparrows. Without fear they hop about and find anything edible, almost […]


Stillingsön in November

Roxy and I took to the summer house after work on Friday. It doesn’t take long to warm the place up with a crackling fire and to dissolve the weeks troubles in a glass or […]


Lissabon & Volvo Ocean Race

First visit to Lissabon, Portugal. A beautiful city full of history and culture. Had the honour of representing Volvo Trucks at the second Volvo Ocean Race stop-over. Met customers, watched some amazing sailing, attended gala […]


North Carolina, February 2017

Work took me to Greensboro in North Carolina at the end of February. Unusually warm days, and cold, and torrential rain and thunderstorms, all in the space of less than 2 weeks.  Some colleagues from […]


Sunday week 42

It’s that time of the year again. The sun starts taking a short cut between morning and evening, the weather gods bring on rain and wind, and nature responds with explosions of colour. Dog owners […]


Retro look Göteborg

I was inspired to create the look of old fashioned etchings of cityscapes from some of the pictures I took on the boat ride along Göta Älv last week. Take the colour away and the […]


Friends through art

Doing it again at Färjenäs at the end of May. Hanging some photos together with Anki and Pernilla and their paintings. Have new ideas and really looking forward to it. Hope to see you there!


6 January 2016

The days are getting longer again, if only by a few seconds. A cold front moved in from Russia this week and this morning the temperature sank to -10°. Took Roxy for a walk around […]


Happy New Year 2016!!!

Another lap around the sun completed, another one begun. Look forward to problems to solve, conflicts to resolve, and moments to treasure…


Nearly Christmas!

The meatballs are rolled, the ham is baked, the salmon is cured and the Christmas tree is decorated. Bring it on Santa!   P.S. the weather! It sucks. Where’s the snow?