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LED Christmas madness

We are week short of the northern winter solstice and we desperately try to defeat the darkness with millions of LED lights. They adorn trees, balconies and windows everywhere. It’s like a competition, like everyone […]


Autumn has arrived

First weekend in October was unusually cold. The whole week was cold. Even had overnight frost. Perfect weekend to head to Orust and the summer house. Light a fire and open a good bottle of […]


Winter in Göteborg

Spring is here and winter is finally behind us. The birds are busy wooing partners and leaves are sprouting on every tree. The wood anemones are covering the ground and there is ecstasy in the […]


Happy New Year!!!

The last hours of the last day of 2018 was spent in Normanville on the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide. “The farm” is down here, out on Hay Flat Road. “The farm” is the property […]


November on Orust

First weekend in November. Halloween. Friday is cold and wet and the cloud cover so thick you can feel the weight of it. We escape to the summer house on Orust to sit infront of […]


Hot, dry summer continues

The unusual summer weather carried on regardless into August and the second half of our vacation. The mercury came close to hitting 35°C more than a couple of times. The vegetation dried up and turned […]


Stars, snow and tree felling

The cold weather has parked itself firmly over Sweden for over a month now. We are tired of winter and desperately want spring to arrive. However, the high atmospheric pressure and the cold clear air […]


A walk after work

The Arctic chill prevails. -6°C and Anna insists on an afterwork walk to the Eriksberg dock and gantry crane. A brisk pace keeps the body temperature up but I have to stop every now and […]


Snow over Sannegården

The weekend started with howling winds and ended with snow. Nice while it lasts. We have no illusions about it laying around for Christmas. Most likely it will be washed away by rain before the […]


Barefoot in November

My good friend Claes invited me to join a photo walk to do some street photography in downtown Göteborg this Saturday afternoon in the middle of November. In true Gothenburgian style the photo walk, which […]


November is here

The first day of November 2017, a Wednesday. It’s school holiday week, Halloween week, the first week after the end of summer time.  Morning walk with Roxy, 7 am. 10 degrees and a light drizzle. […]


Real winter

Monday morning, -8°C, clear skies and no wind. At 7 am the sun hasn’t quite kept over the horizon yet but the light is returning! Not many sub-zero days this winter. Amazing how quickly the […]