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Remembrance Day

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month is when we remember those who died in the first and second world war, and all wars since. It marked the end of hostilities […]


Indian Summer

It’s mid-October and it’s 20°C. Britt-sommar in Swedish. Something to do with the name-day Britt last Sunday. Indian Summer in English. Whatever you call it it was lovely. In Sannegården the trees are on fire […]


Fast boat to Källö Knippla

So the unusually warm and sunny summer continues. The lack of rain is wreaking havoc with the Swedish farmers and one can’t help wondering if it is Global Warming that is making its presence felt, […]


Spring at last!

Been a long winter this year. Spring arrived two weeks later than normal according to the meteorologists but now it’s finally here. After our winter adventure in Tärnaby it actually felt as though spring took a […]


Daylight saving begins with epic fog

Spring is two weeks late according to the meteorologists. This time last year the outdoor furniture was out and we were soaking up the sunshine. This year there is still ice in the Sannegården dock!  […]


A walk after work

The Arctic chill prevails. -6°C and Anna insists on an afterwork walk to the Eriksberg dock and gantry crane. A brisk pace keeps the body temperature up but I have to stop every now and […]


Winter in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has been hit with some arctic cold. Sub-zero temperatures all weekend, clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine. There is snow on the ground, not a lot but enough to at least give an impression […]


Goodbye 2017!

2017 is the first full year we’ve spent in Sannegården and we are loving it! There were a few trips to Greensboro in  the United States, a visit to Stockholm to see the Phantom of […]


Warm light in cold December

December is usually grey, dark and pretty dull here in Göteborg. If we are lucky we get some snow to lighten things up but it’s quite rare. However, every now and then the sun breaks […]


Roxy loves the snow

Roxy, our ten and a half year old Bernese Mountain Dog, loves the snow. About a centimeter fell last night, enough to have her romping about like a little puppy.  Went for a walk on […]