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Remembrance Day

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month is when we remember those who died in the first and second world war, and all wars since. It marked the end of hostilities […]


Breakfast across the river

Took the ferry across the river to have breakfast with a friend at Brogyllen bakery on a Wednesday morning in the middle of November. The sky was clear but the ground was wet and the […]


The month of June

June was a busy month. Started with a house-warming party on the balcony six months to the day since we moved in. It carried on until the wee, small hours and a good time was […]


Digital watercolour

Always wanted to be able to paint decent watercolour. I’ve discovered a way to cheat. With my camera, my iPad and the Enlight app I can do it digitally. Maybe not for the purists, and […]


12 September 2015

The blog is starting to take shape. I am not completely at peace with it yet but it is a start. I want it to be functional for when I travel to Adelaide for a […]