Monthly Archives: July 2016


Summer road trip, day three and four

Well, we made it to Ragunda and Hammarstrand and it was as warm as it was beautiful. Lergodset hostel is built between Indalsälven and Kullstaberget mountain and is run by a very hospitable Dutch couple. We […]


Summer road trip, day two

We had a room with lots of single beds to ourselves. Breakfast was had in the garden next to the pig farm and the wheat fields. Luckily the wind carried the smell in the other […]


Summer road trip, day one

Sweden is fantastic. It’s also very long. 1572 kilometers long, from Smygehuk in the south to Treriksröset in the north. Most of Sweden’s population lives in the southern third of the country and have never […]


Our garden…

Gardening has never really been our thing. Things grew here when we moved in, some things have withered and died, other things have thrived. Our dogs have dug the garden more than we ever have. […]


Tomorrow is the last day before vacation

Tomorrow is Friday and the last working day before the summer vacation. It’s probably the best day of the year when the whole vacation is still ahead, still intact, still unbroken… It hasn’t passed, it hasn’t rained away, it […]


Sunday afternoon in downtown Greensboro

A cooler day than forecast. Overcast but no rain. Drove to downtown and wandered around looking at the preparations for the July 4 celebrations. These photos probably don’t show Greensboro at its best, but maybe […]


Max Patch Mountain

Max Patch is a bald mountain top in the Appalachians close to the border between North Carolina and Tennessee not far from Asheville. After being mesmorised by a picture on social media I got the GPS […]