Since we’ve been dog people we have been on dog walks every single day. We’ve clocked up some miles. It’s the walk and not the destination so it’s actually quite repetitive, a stretch from the house and back again. From the summer house on Orust you can walk east and down to the water, or west and up past old farm properties and summer houses and into the woods.

When heading west you pass an old farming property with a house and a barn very close to the road. A tractor is parked by the barn. It’s been parked there since 2014. It’s a rusty red Nuffield Universal Three. It’s a tractor built in Great Britain by the Agricultural Division of the Morris Motor company, that later became a subsidiary of the British Motor Corporation Limited, between 1957 and 1961. It has a diesel engine producing 28 horsepower. Now it’s rusting, moss grows on it, and a beer can sits on top of the exhaust stack.

Whenever we walk past it I take a photo. There is a solemn beauty about its slow decay that I am drawn to and want to document. In the winter it gets covered in snow, in the summer the grass grows underneath it, and when it rains it gets a bit of its lustre back. I will continue to take pictures of it every time I pass for as long as it sits there next to the red barn by the side of the road.

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