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Daylight saving ends tomorrow

Another couple of weeks and the trees will be bare and the world will be dark, cold and drained of colour until spring returns. Today the sky was deep blue and the sun set the leaves […]


Week 37:5

Week 37 is Swedish for the third week of September. It indicates that 71,15% of the year has elapsed. It says nothing about the September full moon, the noticably shorter shorter days, the slight yellowing of birch leaves, […]


Our garden…

Gardening has never really been our thing. Things grew here when we moved in, some things have withered and died, other things have thrived. Our dogs have dug the garden more than we ever have. […]


Spring in Backa

Spring came suddenly this year also in Backa on the island of Hisingen. Warm enough to do the morning walk with Roxy in shorts and sandals. Apple and cherry trees are exploding like slow motion […]


Backa – March 7, 2015

Just when you thought it was all over and nearly time to swap to summer tyres we got more snow. The only one to get excited about it was Roxy, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Brought […]


November 21

First cold snap this winter. -3° C at 9 am when I took Roxy on a morning stroll over the hill. Blue sky poked through the high clouds and lit up the frost covering the […]


Good morning!

Every week day morning at 7 am Anna and I take Roxy for her morning walk around Backa. It’s a round of roughly 2,5 km and takes us around half an hour. Sometimes I bring a camera and […]


27 October 2015

Reverted to Winter Time this week. Now we can see the sun rise on our moring walk with Roxy. In a couple of weeks darkness will swallows us once more.


10 September 2015

Mornings are getting colder. 5° C means shoes and socks and no sandals. At least it is not raining. In the sky the vapour trails threw shadows on thin veils of lower clouds.