Monthly Archives: September 2016


A quarter of a lap ago…

A quarter of a lap around the sun ago it was summer, vacation, and on that particular day the air was warm, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. We had visitors from […]


The Monday before…

…the Sunday of the last post. Walking Roxy with Anna along the Lindholmen wharf in the late summer evening with sun setting behind Vinga lighthouse somewhere. A beautiful evening cut short by an unlucky fall and […]


Sunday the 18th of September

The summer lingered on into Sunday. Took a walk down by the river, just Roxy and I and the camera. Captured a man walking past the opening of a piece of architectural sculpture. A Sunday […]


Week 37:5

Week 37 is Swedish for the third week of September. It indicates that 71,15% of the year has elapsed. It says nothing about the September full moon, the noticably shorter shorter days, the slight yellowing of birch leaves, […]