Monthly Archives: January 2016


The Greensboro snow

Returned to Göteborg from Greensboro after Snowzilla. Edited my photographs in Photoshop and decided to go for colour and detail. Greensboro looks just as desolate and abandoned in colour as it does in black and white, but […]


Greensboro January 23, 2016

“Snowzilla”, the monster snow storm, passed over Greensboro yesterday on its way north east to Washington and New York. It snowed heavily for a while before turning to ice rain, something I have never encountered […]


Mårtenstorp, January 2016

Roxy is staying with the boys in Mårtenstorp for week or so. We dropped her off today and took a walk in the woods with Marita, Mattias, Yatsy and Vegas. A clear and crisp winter day […]


MyDog 2016

MyDog at Svenska Mässan in Göteborg is Scandinavia’s largest dog show. Beauty is only fir deep and Roxy’s inner qualities don’t come to their right in the ring so we decided a long time ago […]


6 January 2016

The days are getting longer again, if only by a few seconds. A cold front moved in from Russia this week and this morning the temperature sank to -10°. Took Roxy for a walk around […]


Happy New Year 2016!!!

Another lap around the sun completed, another one begun. Look forward to problems to solve, conflicts to resolve, and moments to treasure…