Monthly Archives: November 2015


Malmö November 2015

Drove to Malmö with Anna, Roxy and Pontus to visit Nicolina. Malmö was cold, wet and windy. The rain hang over the city like a wet blanket all day until, just before sunset, someone lifted […]


Sunday November 22

Coffee and hotdogs with Sennenligan i Väst at Stora Hassungaredssjön, Lindome. 18 Bernese Mountain Dogs, a German Shepherd, and a small, black dog, and their owners braved the cold (-2°C) and huddled around an open fire to share stories about […]


November 21

First cold snap this winter. -3° C at 9 am when I took Roxy on a morning stroll over the hill. Blue sky poked through the high clouds and lit up the frost covering the […]


Orust November 2015

A weekend at the summer house on Orust. Just Anna, myself and Roxy. Weather was mild and mainly overcast but every now and then the sun broke through. A strong wind blew the last of the leaves […]


Good morning!

Every week day morning at 7 am Anna and I take Roxy for her morning walk around Backa. It’s a round of roughly 2,5 km and takes us around half an hour. Sometimes I bring a camera and […]


Tokyo November 2015

Management meeting in Tokyo first week in November. Staying in Ikebukuro in hotel room on 20th floor . Magnificent views to the east and stunning sunrises when drawing the curtains to wake up for breakfast. Visit […]