Summer roadtrip – day 5

Summer roadtrip – day 5

The apartment cooled down enough for us to get a good night’s sleep. It’s smaller and a bit more worn than it looked on the AirBnB pictures. A talented photographer indeed. It’s quite OK though, We have it for two nights. The only real problem is the lack of pressure and hot water in the shower. A good thing it’s very warm.

Today we decide to head for the Dolomites. Not really sure what to expect and we’re not prepared for any mountain hiking. I google and find that the Swedish Caravan Club recommend the SS48 road as one of the most beautiful in Europe so off we go.

We need to do som charging and for the first time we get misled by the app. It guides us to a slow charger out in the middle of nowhere. The weather is not so good this morning and it’s raining as we hook up to the charging station, give it a few minutes and then decide that we need to find something better. Consulting the app again it gives us another alternative that seems more serious. This one is next to a shop selling wine, cheese and ham so while we’re charging we go in and do some shopping. Some wine, cheese and ham later we’re on the road again.

The road winds upward and the scenery gets more and more amazing the further we go. We’re heading to Lago di Fedaia as it seemed in the center of the Dolomites according to the map. The water level in the lake is extremely low and I remember reading how this is a consequence of global warming and the melting glaciers in the alps.

We need to charge again and the app recommends a Tesla Supercharger an hour or so further on so we keep driving not knowing what to expect. It turns out that the road takes us up and over the mountains and now the scenery goes from amazing to incredible. We stop several times to take in the views but around the next bend it is always better. Finally we get to the top and it’s almost surreal. We are in absolute awe (except Cooper who just wants to sniff and pee).

The cars trip computer tells me there is not enough charge to get to a charging station which feels like a bit of a concern. However, as we start heading down the mountain the car regenerates energy from braking so it turns out to be a false alarm. We get to the Tesla Supercharger without a problem, turn around and take the flatter, shorter road back to Bolzano. Back in Bolzano we’re pretty tired from all the mountain air so we head to Piazza Walther for dinner and then back to the apartment for a good sleep.

The drive along the SS48

Fantastic views on top of the Dolomites

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